3 Halloween Costumes to Pair with a Pumpkin Mask

by Gemma Brand-Wolf

If you find yourself in a last minute search for a Halloween costume, stop at your nearest Halloween store, pick up a Jack-O’-Lantern mask, and face the countless options that you now have. Get your pumpkin mask here.

1. Jock-O’-Lantern

Channel the 80s with this fun option!

Athletic wear + pumpkin mask = Jock-O’-Lantern

2. Dancing Pumpkin Man

Look how much fun he’s having!

Just pair a jack-o’-lantern mask with all the black clothes in your closet and pay homage to the classic Halloween spirit!

3. Pumpkin Meets World

Oooh! Spooky!

Pair any casual outfit with a pumpkin mask to make a social commentary on the masks we wear daily! Scariest option listed!

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