Young & On Pointe: 8 Ballerinas That Broke Age Records

by Simone Cambridge

What you don’t see onstage!

1. Sergei Polunin: the Ukrainian Royal Ballet’s youngest ever principal dancer in 2010 at age 19

2. Viviana Durante: the Royal Ballet’s youngest principal dancer in 1989

Viviana Durante

3. Gelsey Kirkland: became the youngest member of the New York City Ballet when she was 15 in 1957

4. Yuan Yuan Tan: youngest principal dancer in the history of the San Francisco Ballet

5. Ludmilla Tchérina: at 13 became the youngest professional ballet dancer of Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo and in history

6. Natalia Ashikhmina: the youngest prima ballerina of the Russian National Ballet in Moscow in 2001

7. Veronica Tennant: the National Ballet of Canada’s youngest principal dancer at 18

Veronica Tennant

8. Sylvie Guillem: the youngest ever prima ballerina of the Paris Opera Ballet

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