New Year, New Doodle: A Letter From Our Founder

Dear Doodle Family

It is 2017 and we can’t believe it! Eight months since the launch of our beta and four years (FOUR YEARS!!!) since it was a tiny idea in my tiny brain. Luckily, we did not have to rely upon my IQ because we had all of YOU! From Marin to Mumbai, you generously shared ideas, opinions, energy and enthusiasm. You posted, promoted, protested and participated. And we thank you a million times over!

Now, what does this mean? Evidently, we have so much more to do! It means that while you want a space to creatively express yourselves, you also want a place to turn those expressions into action. While you love to connect digitally, you really crave a little community, in person style. And, most importantly, while you know that the future sits in your very capable hands, you are tired of waiting for all of us adults to catch on, step aside and let you get to changing the world. Enter Doodle 2.0…

With our team of olds and youngs, we are going to tweak and tighten — hopefully making your world even more sparkly and spectacular than before. Still the same access to ideas, experts and experiences but supersized. Like…

  • No more platform! Just sign up and get weekly emails with exclusive access to everything happening in the Doodle world.
  • Workshops, workshops, workshops! More real world opportunities to meet fellow world changers, learn from people like fashion designer Rachel Antonoff, Olympic athlete Alexi Pappas or the next Rachel Maddow (if we have our way) Sage Adams and get tips on turning your passion into profession from creative people kicking ass.
  • Everyone welcome! We have been inclusive from the start but Doodle will make every effort to be a safe and supportive space for all. Gender schmender!

So, here’s the deal…since we are a “school”, you have an assignment: speak up, speak out, speak, speak, speak. Tell us what you need, want, like, love. Tell us how Doodle can do more for you so you can do more for the world. Find us on Instagram, send us an email at or comment below. C’mon! We’re waiting…

xo Molly

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