Friday Five (08/05)

by School of Doodle

Wanna hear what’s been on our minds this week? Then hit PLAY and read on below!

FriYAY playlist!

1. Mapplethorpe

Patti Smith, 1976 by Robert Mapplethorpe

After we unearthed Molly’s 10-pound book of Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography, hidden deep within the overflowing bookshelves of the LA office, we were hooked. So, as Doodlers do, we explored our interpretations of Mapplethorpe’s life and work through our own media.

Dancing Barefoot by Patti Smith, Mapplethorpe’s long time friend and ex-partner, perfectly encapsulates their relationship and the painful freedom that often accompanies the creation of such emotionally raw art.

2. Party-Ready Politics

2016 has been a WHIRLWIND of political upheaval. And of course, like always, so has the world of celebrities. Over the last week, the comparisons between these two worlds were on our minds, like a song stuck in our head.

So naturally, we’ve been dancing (office party!) to Kanye’s controversial song Famous, which has spurred yet another celeb feud circling around legitimate political issues.

3. Femme Force

Eryah Badu, stuck in our heads and hearts

Badass women are always the talk of the Doodle town. This week, among countless others, Erykah Badu captured our hearts, and the leading women of Pinterest pinned us to our seats.

Inspired and ready to kick ass, Erykah Badu’s song On&On offered an empowering and soulful soundtrack to our week.

4. Vaginas

Dolly, our femspiration

Arguably the most important organ of the human body, the vagina is not a taboo in the Doodle office. In fact, just the opposite.

Role-model Dolly Parton’s song PMS Blues spoke to us this week, both expressively and emotionally. We could not relate more!

5. STEAM (hold eye-roll)

Beach House

The commonly thrown around acronyms STEM and STEAM are getting on our nerves too, don’t worry. But this week, we must get over ourselves because science and art go together like paint and canvas, like add and subtract, like watercolor and geometry… right?

Beach House’s song Space Song is a perfect example of this dynamic duo. The ethereal, otherworldy technicality of the song epitomize our new favorite OTP.

Listen to our Friday Five and hear what we hear!

FriYAY playlist!
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