Gluten Tag: The Bread-efits of Being Gluten Free

by Brooke McBride

I feel like Tyra

Gluten free diets have LOTS of health benefits (bread-efits) that can help improve your overall health. You might be like, “but Brooke, you’re so silly. I love bread and everything gluten has to offer.” To that I would say, “I know, me too,” but if you go to a doctor nowadays with some symptoms that have been bothering you, they occasionally inquire about your gluten intake. You might have a gluten sensitivity, but you might not. Regardless, there are many connections to your diet and your health, and while bread itself may not be involved, it’s very heavily processed, which can be the true culprit. Because gluten is processed so much there are so many unnecessary, harmful things that get added, so when we take it out of our diets, we feel better! Here are some things that going gluten free can help with.

1.Reduce INFLAMMATION! Going good ole’ gluten free can help ease inflammation in the body! Inflammation in the body is very common and can include joint pain, redness, and any kind of swelling that occurs internally as well as externally. Inflammation in the body can be triggered by stress and many health issues are heavily affected by the digestive system.

2.Gives you more energy! The gluten grain isn’t recognized in our digestive system, which directly relates to our immune system, affecting our energy levels. Because it is more difficult for most people to digest and process gluten, it takes a lot more energy, which means when you cut it out, your body doesn’t have to work as hard.

3.MENTAL HEALTH! Many studies have shown a connection between cutting out gluten in your diet and improving mental health problems. Because our tummy is our second brain (I know that’s creepy, but that’s what the docs say), studies have determined that mental health disorders like depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia are better managed when you eliminate gluten. There are also correlations between autism and gluten free diets.

4.Clear Skin! This one really depends on how sensitive your skin is and how it reacts to different things, but many people have found their skin redness and swelling going down in correspondence to their gluten free diets. This effect directly correlates with the reduce of inflammation that gluten free diets can have.

5.Reduces Bloating! Many people that have a gluten allergy or sensitivity experience less bloating, which is always good! Breads and pastas with gluten usually expand in our stomach after eating them, which leaves us with a feeling like we ate too much, but by avoiding the gluten grain and switching our normal pasta for brown rice pasta causes the expansion to be much less sever. Also, going gluten free means there is a lot of bread that you can’t eat, so it helps to curb any unnecessary cravings if you set limits on what you are and aren’t eating. By avoiding bread in general you typically feel a lot better.

At the end of the day going gluten free is really about listening to your body and finding what’s best for you! Bread isn’t inherently bad! It’s just all the processed yuck that goes into it and most other things we eat!

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