Gluten Tag: OTPs for Gluten Frees

by Brooke McBride

Don’t cut out my PASTA!

I LOVE PASTA (almost as much as Oprah loves bread…). Just because I don’t eat gluten does not mean I will give up pasta. I will find a way to make it work. We will do it together. Here is a list of my favorite gluten-free pasta alternative products.

1.I love angel hair pasta, and let me tell you: it is super hard to find a good GF one. This is the best angel hair pasta I’ve come across, but not the best pasta overall. It’s a little slimy, but other than that it’s pretty good.

Jovial Pasta
Wait…you can still eat pasta and be gluten-free?

2. If you are looking for a corkscrew pasta, you will find your golden (and buttery) answer at Trader Joe’s! It’s the best one around and super healthy, made from brown rice and quinoa! YUM!

Trader Joe’s pasta wins this round!
Look dude. I already told you, I want that GLUTEN FREE pasta!!!

3. Do you enjoy your spaghetti with a side of supergrains? Of course you do! Who doesn’t?! Ancient Harvest spaghetti is the one for you! It’s super good and has a great texture! It’s made with organic corn and quinoa! I personally prefer brown rice pasta, but if you are a fan of the corn, this is a good pick.

SuperGrains are for SUPERSTARS!!
Michelle digs the SuperGrains too… ya know why? She’s the REAL superstar!

4. LASAGNA! Who doesn’t love it?! The good thing about going gluten-free is that you don’t have to give it up! De Boles makes some seriously delicious GF lasagna that will de-blow you away! Haha…get it?

De Boles is da best
When you KNOW it’s not gluten free….

5. Good ole’ Spaghetti! Spaghetti is my favorite type of pasta and Barilla makes my OTP (one true pasta) possible! It’s made with rice and corn and it has the perfect spaghetti consistency — I can’t even tell the difference!

Spaghetti as good as in Lady and the Tramp.
Everyone can enjoy Spaghetti-ing it up!

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