Happy Birthday, Tony Bennett!

by Brooke McBride

In honor of the iconic Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday this week, I’ve rounded up some of his greatest quotes! FYI: This list is best enjoyed with sweet sound of Tony crooning in the background.

  1. “I think if you have a passion for what you do then there are no limitations on how long or how much you can accomplish.”
  2. “When the uncreative tell the creative what to do, it stops being art.”
  3. “I can’t ask for more out of life, and the more I learn, the less I know.”
  4. “If you follow your passion, you’ll never work a day in your life.”
  5. “I think in all of the arts there are just certain people that have a gift. I think it’s a certain spirituality, it’s a God-given gift that just certain individuals have.”
  6. “I think one of the reasons I’m popular again is because I’m wearing a tie. You have to be different.”
  7. “My goal as a creative person is to express truth and beauty in whatever I do.”
  8. “You can’t teach it [jazz singing]. There’s nobody who can teach you how to sing jazz. Either you know how to sing jazz, or you don’t.”
  9. “I’m not the type of person who likes to look backwards. I’ve always felt compelled to move forward and I’ve never been one to dwell in the past. All the people I’ve met, all the places I’ve been, and all the things that I’ve done have simply been part of who I am.”
  10. “We’re in an era where the demand is for immediate hits that are destined to become obsolescent. Six months later, everyone forgets the artist and the tune. It’s become like a con job. Producers, engineers, lawyers and accountants all make money, but the artists don’t.”
  11. “If you are creative, you get busier as you get older.”
  12. “Regardless of religion or race or ethnic background we are all human and we are all on this planet together. So what better reason do you need to not tolerate any form of violence against another human being?”
  13. “I’ve taken stuff from people, too. You know, though, if you steal from one person, you’re just a thief. But if you steal from everyone, that’s research.”
  14. “‘Benedetto’ means the ‘blessed one,’ and I feel that I have truly been blessed.”
  15. “I have an awful lot to learn. My dream is to get better and better as I get older.”

Happy Birthday Ton-ster! You are a true and timeless artist, activist and icon!

Tony Bennett approves this message

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