How to Improve Your Relationship With Lists

by Francine Thompson

Get it, girl

Lists are awesome because they encourage and even facilitate getting #$%! done. They help you keep track of your goals, remember tasks, and/or serve as a reminder of ideas. Making a list is super simple. You write some things down, then cross all of them off with a glittery purple pen if you’re lucky. Here you’ll find some tips for improving your relationship with lists….so go ahead and change that status on Facebook from “it’s complicated” to “in love.”

  1. Get digital… The Notes and Reminders apps on iPhones are perfect for quick lists, but there are a few more that take list making to the next level. Trello, Evernote, and are fantastic list app options.
  2. …but go “old-school” too. While I love list apps for ideas that pop into my head, I still go back to pen and paper for recording everyday tasks. Get some fun-colored sticky notes or a notebook you’re in love with and use those things exclusively for any lists you make. Throw in a nice pen or colored marker, too.
  3. Take it easy. Use lists for things you know you’re going to get done. Jot down some simple tasks and cross those off as you do them. You’ll feel more accomplished and motivated in no time.
  4. Plan ahead. While you’re brushing your teeth at night, make a list of the things you need to do the next day. That way you’ll wake up knowing what should get done and don’t waste time in the morning.
  5. Be open-minded. Lists are just for tasks! A list can be made up of anything you want. Some suggestions: list of everything you’re great at, list of your dreams/long-term goals, list of things in the world you want to change.
  6. Get creative. Instead of titling that laundry list of tasks with a bold ‘TO DO,’ come up with a headline that fosters happiness. Yes, these titles might get long but that’s cool too. Just to give you some ideas of what I’m talking about, my list of ideas for art projects is called ‘Awesome things I came up with.’ Tailor your list to be more YOU!
  7. Talk it out. Find a friend (or another Doodle girl!) one morning and read your lists aloud to one another. It makes the tasks you think are boring more fun–and chances are your conversation will turn into a daydreaming fest about all of the ways you’re gonna kick ass that day.

Now go be productive!

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