I Am Great and It Is Great to Feel Me

by Eylül Tuğluoğlu

We participate in this world through our bodies. Our entire existences are tied to them. We breathe, think, see, dream, sleep, judge, talk, sing, shout, cry, laugh, love, kiss, hug, run, dance, play sports, sit, live, and so many other things with them. Sometimes, though, we get so caught up in our inner worlds that we forget are just a body. Thoughts, words, and rules created by us occupy our minds and lives. We humans continue spreading words all over the word and label everything we see, including ourselves. Words become our reality, we become the words. They make us feel pretty, ugly, fat, thin, perfect, disgusting, stupid, ugly, different, strange, normal, ordinary, unique, stupid, smart, sinful…we even sometimes cry because of words attached to our body.

We tell our bodies to behave, to fit in in certain ways according to society’s rules. If your body seems, behaves, or functions differently than other people’s, you can be regarded by others with an attitude you don’t deserve; it doesn’t matter what kind of gender makes your heart beat like crazy or the colour of your skin. We tell our bodies so many things that we forget we are our bodies. We are living and breathing and just as important and special as any other kind of creature in this world.

Your body affects you more than you think. Take a look at chakras, for instance. Chakras are energy centers in your body associated with different functions. They are connected to you mentally. You can balance them by meditating or changing your actions and perspective to feel better about yourself and the world. Let’s look at some now!


Crown chakra is on top of your head and is about looking at the world with a wider perspective, seeing the connection and spirituality of it all. It’s about feeling the rhythm of the world and letting everything find its way. To balance it, try to observe the cycle of the world and be one with it by meditating. Drop your thinking; it has to be all about you and seeing the big picture.

Third eye

Third eye is in between your eyebrows. It is bean-sized and acts like a switch between your consciousness and subconsciousness. Its function is maximized during sleep, and it affects your perception. If your third eye is balanced, you have good intuition and perfect memory. It’s probably easy for you to focus and visualize, because you see everything clearly. To balance third eye, visualize, imagine, try to be more curious, and question things around you in order to understand them better.

Throat chakra

This chakra connects the chakras in your head and the rest of your body, like a bridge. You use it to express yourself and listen. To balance it, practice speaking in front of the mirror, write, draw, sing, listen to others. Honesty is also very important with this chakra. It is about communicating effectively and easily. #BeLoud!


Heart chakra is located in your chest and is about love and acceptance. Love yourself and others. Don’t judge anyone; accept people as they are — including yourself! To balance it, spend time with loved ones and practice gratitude.

Solar plexus

Solar plexus is under your lungs. A person who has balanced solar plexus chakra feels the power. This chakra makes you energetic, confident and happy. To balance it, you have to focus on your to-do list in right amounts, get enough movement, and be proud of yourself. Don’t be a narcissist or workaholic.


Sacral chakra is where your sweet tummy is. It is connected to childhood, desires and sex. Do what you love when you can, create, feel joy, and spend quality time appreciating your loved ones and yourself. Sacral chakra is all about your emotions. Your emotions are there for something…don’t ignore them!


Root chakra is where your anus is and all about survival, eating, moving, and protecting. It is very basic but very important. Being grounded makes you feel safe and at peace. To balance it out, do sports or move, eat right, don’t get caught in your head too much. Feel your body.

There! Those are the chakras. If you take a closer look you can see they are connected to our organs’ functions (brain and crown chakra, sex organs and root chakra, etc.). Our body affects our soul. Take a good care of it! Don’t act like it is not valuable or like it needs others’ approval to be happy with it. Feel your body, appreciate your body, treat it right, listen to it, and remember: when you feel great, it is easy to know you are great. Go ahead and shout it if you need an extra reminder: “I am great and it is great to feel me!”

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