‘It’s Okays’ Have Choked My Throat

by Priyal Thakkar

An illustration that reads: We’ve lived all our lives in submission…not anymore!

it’s okay

he’s just looking

it’s okay

the hand that accidentally brushed up against you

it’s okay

so what if he flashed you

pick a friend walk fast

head hung low eyes downcast

quick steps and a busy road route

don’t go out in the dark

it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay

it’s okay

now his hands are tearing at my clothes

it’s okay

i can feel his smell on my skin

it’s okay

it’s okays have choked my throat

not leaving any room for my scream

to explode


in horror

i was taught not to revolt

it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay

it’s okay

i’m lying here bleeding

it’s okay

why won’t anybody stop

cover me with a cloth

it’s okay

they point and rush away

hush hush hush away

it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay

it’s okay

i’m breathing my last

it’s okay but it’s not

i wasn’t out at an odd hour

i wasn’t donning a single garment short

i wasn’t drunk or alone nor did i exhort

i wasn’t retorting to their catcalling or guffaws

but would it be okay




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