Philo Cohen

My name is Philo Cohen. I write for Doodle and I just finished composing a bunch of personal stories to illustrate the different pieces of art work featured on Art Baby Gallery and School of Doodle.

I am a New Yorker living in Brooklyn. I moved from Paris, France to New York two years ago. I am an illustrator and a writer. I love being alone at home with my cat to make art or go to the same coffee shop three times in the day to write, draw or to see my girl friends (Mud Coffee on 9th and 2nd is a great spot for these moments). I also love outdoor spaces like Prospect Park to read or just to take a walk, when inside door spaces become overwhelming. Walking in the city too; at night I prefer the East side and during the day I like the West Side and the Brooklyn Bridge walk. I do yoga with my mom, it’s our little moment together. Family is really important for me. I am leaving for college at the end of August to study at Sarah Lawrence College. I love dance, drama, and music too. Most of my friends in NY are musicians. Good food, fine wine is the last thing I need to be able to have a good week! Art, Food, Friends and Family (and many Sketchbooks).

Read more of my work here.

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