Forever Hopeful: Poem Series

by Grey…

Orchids, 1989 by Robert Mapplethorpe

Kill Mores

I hope to never find myself defeating the purpose.

If I ever do.

I hope I wish and wash away.

It comes down to the kill mores and build mores

And I’ve got motivation of which I’m happy to give more

Loading my filling cups with debts and dreary souls

I see these cups have holes

And in fact I’m left dry

Valid points have been made that you call a jack a jack and not a spade


My whole existence was based on believing the cards were blank

If that’s to ever change

Then hope is an idiosyncrasy and no longer applies

Might as well give up and never try



For every note was meant to be evolved and every page is fresh and new

If I defeat the purpose then I erase myself and all of you.

Calla Lily, 1984 by Robert Mapplethorpe




Dry heaving

Numb like plastic umbrellas

Watch each tear stay right here on the curve of my cheek

It falls as soon as I blink

Think and thank the gods that candles burn

And people leave

There aren’t enough trees to cover all the burning bodies

Charred lard

Melting skulls

Girls with cards that get them into the land of sin and cursers

Love a mad man and you love a vulture

Dead like oceans over

Float until you’re sober and the pain don’t hurt anymore

Poppy, 1988 by Robert Mapplethorpe


I Want To Have Moments Not Minutes

I Want To Have Moments Not Minutes

Let My Boundaries Be Decimated

I Live In A World That I’ve Created

I Want To Have Moments Not Minutes

I ,

Slightly Addicted

Madly Committed

Land Shakes

Water Waves

Everything Is Going To Be Ok

Move Fast And Don’t Let A Second Go To Waste

The Forbidden Fruit

They Say You Can Tell A Lot When You Pull Up The Roots

But I Never Stick Around To See The Ending

Cause It Doesn’t Matter Much To Me

I Could Die Right Now Or In My Sleep

For This Is Not A Punishment

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