The Poles of Gender and Body

by Priyal Thakkar

Rise O you may from a river of dissimilarity
clothed in liberty to mould what you’re bathed in
hurry hither hide or you will be wringed
forced to bleed in one bracket of two
the body shall dictate who with what and where
where you’ve been given what and what you’ve been given where
till every last drop has dried
the mass you’re left with can only point one side.

This photo story is my attempt to address the relation between body and gender. Gender is an individual’s concept of themself, an identity that’s self given, which isn’t how it’s popularly manifested. The body, or the biology of it, takes precedence and a wrongfully imperative role in its perception.

The story aims to convey that gender is fluid and we’re all bathed in the same freedom to build, claim, and reclaim our identities. However, society oft sucks us dry of our liberties, forcing us to rely on our bodies to dictate our cognizance of gender and self, rather than the other way around.

Behind the lens: Hrutvija Trivedi and Aditya Taneja
On celluloid: Avi Agarwal and Priyal Thakkar

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