Strangest Museums in the World

by Vivvy

Example of the odd things you’ll see at these museums from the Museum of Bad Art

1.Museum of Death, USA: A museum of all things morbid. Home of an extensive coffin collection, various medical specimens, and the largest collection of art created by serial killers in the world.

2. Mütter Museum, USA: Museum of medical history and oddities! Complete with a collection of antique medical tools, wet specimens in jars, osteological specimens (including the Hyrtl Skull Collection consisting of 139 human skulls!) and more!

3. Museum of Burnt Food, USA: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Featuring a very very extensive collection of culinary disasters!

4. The Dog Collar Museum, England: A collection of medieval dog collars and paraphernalia! With over 100 items, each is unique and dates back centuries.

5. Instant Ramen Museum, Japan: A museum honoring Momofuku Ando, the creator of instant ramen. Including a kitchen where guests can make their own instant ramen, and the entire catalog of every Nissin instant noodle product!

6.Museum of Bad Art, USA: The only museum in the world dedicated to the curation and preservation of bad art. Known as MOBA for short.

7.Museum of Toilets, India: Educating guests on the evolution of toilets, tracing their history for the past 4,500 years. Complete with a wide variety of toilets, everything from chamber pots to ornate toilet seats!

8.Gelato Museum, Italy: Featuring a collection of gelato machines, an interactive tour which educates visitors on the history of the famous frozen treat (and offers them samples, too!).

9.Ventriloquist Museum, USA: Reportedly the only museum dedicated to ventriloquism in the world, it features a collection of over 800 ventriloquist dummies!

10. Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum, USA: Including 20,000 salt and pepper shakers! Ranging from novelty salt and pepper shakers in the shapes of toilets, skulls, cats, fruits, etc. to ceramic ones painted with 14­karat gold, or a pair made of depression-era glass worth thousands of dollars.

Go check out these crazy museums for inspiration, laughs, and stories to tell your friends!

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