Mastering Science and the Smoky Eye: Why Cleopatra Ruled

by School of Doodle

Cleopatra ruled. Literally, all of Egypt, at the ripe-ish age of eighteen.

We praise this Queen of Kings for being a major mistress of camouflage and costume, a foxy political strategist, and an imaginative negotiator. Elizabeth Taylor beauty bomb aside, Miss Cleo gets props NOT for her looks but for her magnetism. As a ground-crumbling female world leader she skipped the sex appeal, favoring fearlessness, wit, and intuition to handle her biz.

Cleopatra was also Chem crazy, sweating her science homework in between perfecting that dark smoky eye. She wrote and researched Cosmetics, a medical essay/Glamour mag foremother filled with home remedies for hair loss and dandruff, not to mention the secret behind the make-up — protection against ancient eye disease. A pharma-pharaoh armed with a body of knowledge! And, okay, she may have loved her military males, but it’s her independence we’ll remember her for.

Magical, mystical, cunning and cool. Hail Caeser? No way. Hail Cleopatra, Loud and ‘Browed.

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