What is harder to watch… Humans or Nature?

by Grey…

Michael Jackson “Earth Song”

I’ve seen wind uproot trees and send a man on his merry way with the kiss of a wave. The simplest explanation is offered and all is relatively forgiven. What are you going to do, shake your fist at the sky and say that that wasn’t fair? You’ll be talking to the air, which I suppose is who you want to confront when faced with a natural disaster. But I beg you to really contextualize all of our existence, the paradox of Earth and our lives as Earth dwellers. Whose actions are most difficult to digest?

People. Human beings. We will never fall short of being brilliantly toxic. In some alternative universe we are all probably selfless and remarkably capable of being well versed instead of well armed. In our midst are bombs and carriers. Fracking and oil deposits in the seas. Violence with no end. A war on drugs, a war on crime, a war on peace, and a war fought only against ourselves at night once the sun turns its back to us. We are truly unique in our ways of destruction without instruction. And in the course of our lives, I find us to all be the most unapologetic.

We live on a planet that offers us natural solutions for our unnatural thoughts and actions. A planet on which all the resources are given to us and yet still we create such things like artificial flavors and mass productions. Men cut down trees but never plant any. Some of us are even responsible for manipulating weather and the minds of our fellow Earth dwellers. Enlarging our egos and limiting our self awareness, becoming incredibly concerned only with our own lives. It is unfair to neglect and attck the most giving life source we have and complaining when it tries to rid itself of our bodies. I think we deserve the rain.

I see these current events being reported, loosely basing themselves off the principal of kill or be killed, survival of the fittest, and the fear of death and religion. I stopped watching news programs because of this. I can’t absorb that kind of energy. I can’t listen to death tolls and watch car chases. It messes up the part of myself that is capable of being compassionate. I realized that when I watched humanity under a microscope I became numb to what we are capable of. And what humans are capable of doing to others and themselves is the most unnatural thing I’ve ever witnessed.

I guess people can be easily blamed and nature cannot ever be. What has she done that is not within her boundaries and abilities? Nature has the right to obliterate anything that’s harming or threatening its existence. Doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s hard to even understand why certain things occur, but I find them easier to accept if nature is involved. Obviously, it’s awful when people lose their lives and things are destroyed but who does it better, humans or nature?

Let us look at the ruins of Pompei. A volcano erupted, leaving a whole city frozen in time and engulfed in flames. It’s a horrific sight to see how strong one force can actually be. Seeing the bodies preserved in fear and with the intent to outrun what one might say is their fate. And yes, one might offer the fact that nature is more predictable. You know that some things in this world are dangerous and provide a risk, like living next to a volcano.

Living on this planet, and knowing what I think I know, I have decided that nothing can be all good or all evil, not even the corruption and destruction that so often comes from human existence. People are imperfect and nature is too. To keep things light I guess we’d have to validate the existence of our own version of nature. Our human nature makes us a part of all nature, in turn making us more and more and more complicated.

And the one thing that will always keep me mulling this question over is the fact that nature doesn’t lie, people do.

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