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Welcome aboard! 🎉 If the usual online courses feel like déjà vu, then it’s time for a change. Here, we’re all about hands-on projects, community, and refining real-world skills.

Dive into our Bootcamps: an innovative spin on learning.

📚 What Are Bootcamps?

Think of Bootcamps as your ultimate playground to explore trending topics like AI, software development, and so much more (like career-building skills), presented in the format of a series of interactive articles and community-based activities.

  • 🛠 Dive into practical projects.
  • 🧠 Sharpen your analytical prowess.
  • 🤝 Connect and collaborate with a buzzing community.

Why text-based? We love written content! While we appreciate the allure of videos, the beauty of written content lies in its efficiency: skim, absorb, and replicate with ease. But hey, we’re always open to sprinkling in some video magic when needed!

⛏ Bootcamp Structure & Mastery Levels

Our bootcamps employ a thoughtful mix of tutorials, explainers, and interactive challenges. As you journey through, you’ll find opportunities to boost your portfolio and broaden your professional network.

Bootcamps are designed with the core philosophy of learning in public and learning by building.

Bootcamps are categorized into five levels:

  • Level 1: Kickstart with the basics.
  • Level 2: Dive a tad deeper.
  • Level 3: Amp up the expertise.
  • Level 4: Lead, inspire, and conquer.
  • Level 5: Craft the future.

Currently, we’re pouring our hearts into Levels 1 & 2. Stay tuned for what’s brewing behind the scenes!

To enrich your learning experience, we use a git repository for community engagement, task submissions, feedback, and storage of all Bootcamp-related materials. Furthermore, we foster a dynamic, invite-only WhatsApp community for real-time interactions and support.

Please Note: Proficiency in Git is a prerequisite for most Bootcamps. You can use the articles below to learn how to set up Git in your system.

Platform and Access

All Level 1 Bootcamps will be freely accessible on Medium. Some content at advanced levels may require a Medium membership. Nonetheless, we prioritize accessibility: all projects and code samples will always be open sourced on GitHub.

Keeping higher-level, effort-intensive content behind the Medium paywall will help us stay sustainable, fund our efforts, and support creators. At just $5/month, you can access not just our entire catalog but also the entirety of what Medium has to offer.

Engaging with Bootcamps

  1. Choose your topic and level. You can find our catalog here.
  2. Begin with the first module, progressing sequentially.
  3. Complete tasks within each module before advancing.
  4. Consolidate your learnings into a blog post, your testament to the skills acquired.

This is a short TL; DR for what to expect. Detailed instructions will be given individually in each bootcamp.

For those seeking additional guidance, we offer:

  • Live Workshops: Join paid sessions led by course creators to get help with finishing your tasks, brainstorming, feedback, and peer learning. Each workshop will be a focused and practical 3–4 hour hands-on session with a cohort of ~15 students.
  • 1–1 Consulting: Opt for personalized guidance with the course creator; limited slots available based on the creators’ availability.

Registration details for the above will be revealed soon.

📅 What’s Coming Up?

We’re currently working on a FREE Profile Building Bootcamp as part of our launch activities. Ready for a transformative journey? Stay in the loop for launch updates. Subscribe to our Medium newsletter, and let’s get social on LinkedIn and Instagram.

🏆 Your Bootcamp Loot

Once you conquer a Bootcamp:

  • 🔍 Master your domain.
  • 🧠 Gain top-tier knowledge.
  • 🎨 Flaunt an enviable portfolio.
  • 🤝 Network with the best in the biz.
  • 🌟 Make valuable open-source marks.
  • 🚀 Open doors to new career opportunities.

Feedback is gold. Help us mold and refine. Together, we can shape an unmatched learning odyssey!



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