Cultivating system change: a practitioners companion

A couple of years a go I started to distill my PhD into a little book.

Many of the ideas behind cultivating system change can be difficult to understand unitl they are put into practice.

This ‘practitioners companion’ outlines systems thinking, especially related to living systems perspective as a tool to understand sustainability and change (section one). {Also see living system blog}

Pulls practical strategies for action from theoretical models and literature (section two). {Also found in a Guardian blog}

Illustrates how organisations are implementing these strategies (section three) and

Provides tips for practitioners to navigate this territory (section four).

The 6 strategies are:

  • 1. Bring actors together around a common challenge
  • 2. Scan and experience what is happening to find opportunities for change
  • 3. Align visions and purposes to a living systems perspective
  • 4. Experiment
  • 5. Create innovation and learning support structures to translate, bridge and diffuse change {see School of system change}
  • 6. Communicate a coherent story and open up windows of influence for wider change {our current experiments in the system innovation lab}
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