Frameworks of the Field: My Position

Using Forum for the Future’s Frameworks Map to place myself in the field

I’ve had numerous conversations over the past year about the vast number of frameworks out there and the disconnect between them.

It’s easy to be working within one framework and being completely unaware of other complimentary frameworks that could provide the insight and tools to take your ideas to the next level.

It was really useful to see the different frameworks and fields mapped out like this for the first time.

Locating Myself

It helped me to draw connections between some of the things I’ve been doing, that had previously seemed isolated. It has also helped me to see that my strength and energy lies in the ‘collaboration and engagement’ zone, with a lot of overlap into ‘leadership and learning’.

It also showed me that while my least comfortable areas lay in the diagnosis, design and innovation — I have already been looking into some of these areas prior to participating on the School of System Change and see a number of models and areas that I would be interested in engaging with further.

My skills and interests mapped against the Frameworks of the Field map:

My skills and interests mapped against the Frameworks of the Field map

Collaboration is Key

This map has also shown me how much cross over there is between these different fields and the necessity to use them in collaboration with each other.

The huge number of different models and ways of working also highlight again this recurring theme of boundaries. Each of these little dots represents and area that one could (and many do) dedicate their whole life exploring — so while it is a good idea to get acquainted with all of these techniques and methods, it is not possible to go deep into all of them.

This highlights the importance of networks of practitioners, able to call on each other and draw on the appropriate skills from others when necessary.