15 Ways to use Schoolbag

Schoolbag www.schoolbag.ie is a way to get all of your students working together in one place online. Schoolbag allows you to easily share resources and assign homework that your students can complete and hand back in for feedback all within the one system. Here are 15 things that make Schoolbag a great addition to any classroom.

  1. Sharing Resources:
     Schoolbag allows you to take a document/s and push it out to your students.
  2. Create a Lesson:
     More than simply assigning work to students, Schoolbag allows you to build an assignment. Include a description and attach multiple documents, links and videos. This puts the entire lesson in one place. When you upload resources for students to use in an assignment they will also be added to the resources section for future use.
  3. Make Class Notices:
     Schoolbag gives you a place to post your notices, with any attachments, to the whole school or just your class.
  4. Go Paperless:
     Using Schoolbag you no longer need to collect and pass out paper. You can assign students a piece of homework to be completed in Schoolbag directly and Schoolbag will automatically create a copy for each student, giving them a Finished button for when they are done. Or attach a template that your students will fill out and re-attach to hand back in.
  5. Organise Assignments with Due Dates:
     In creating an assignment in Schoolbag you are able to assign a due date that is clear for both you and the students, and you can change the date if students need a little more time. This is particularly useful if students are weighed down with homework from other classes as well.
  6. Multiple Files in an Assignment:
     Schoolbag allows you to assign more than a single document. This means students can create a multi-stage project and submit all of their pieces in one place.
  7. Provide differentiation:
     Students have different ability levels and interests. Use Schoolbag to provide different resources and assignments based on your students’ needs.
  8. Easily View Student Submission:
     Schoolbag clearly shows how many students have and have not submitted an assignment and details who has handed in their homework, who has handed in their homework late, and who has yet to hand in their homework.
  9. Display Student Work:
     With student permission, use a topic line to display student work and class photos that is secure and safe and visible only to your class.
  10. Link to a Website:
     Relying on students to type in a web address correctly costs instructional minutes as you try to get everyone on the same page. Add websites that you want to use in class as resources in a class topic line and get everyone on the same page quickly.
  11. Distribute Notes:
    Rather than focusing on note taking, students are able to focus on discussing. Posting the notes to a Schoolbag class topic line allows students to pull up the notes easily and then spend class time talking about them instead of taking them.
  12. Student Projects:
     Schoolbag allows students to attach multiple artifacts when submitting homework. Students can now submit all the pieces of their project in one place and it is neatly organised for the teacher.
  13. Eliminate Schlepping Papers Home:
     Having students utilise OneNote as a digital scanner allows them to take pictures of their physical work and turn it in digitally. Students on a Surface or other laptop can utilise the ‘insert picture by snapshot’ feature to make the physical paper into a digital doc. This means you can ditch the box of papers you take home each night.
  14. Document Digital Work:
    Create an assignment in Schoolbag and have students provide the link to their online work that is not completed in Schoolbag. When students hand in their homework you will have a URL for each student that will open in a new tab for you to review. If students create a website or wiki they can turn in their work by linking to it in Schoolbag.
  15. View Assignments:
     Schoolbag provides the teacher and student a list of assignments assigned. This makes it easy for students to find all the assignments they need to be working on. Students can view all homework ‘To-Do’ or ‘Complete’ and they can also search for homework by class.

Originally published at learningdata.ie on June 29, 2015.

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