Tips and Tricks: Reuse Exam Papers

Schoolbag is a great organisation tool for videos, class notes, presentations, hand-outs and useful documents — and comes in a great deal of use when it comes to revision and exam time. Sharing resources with students through a tool like Schoolbag means that revision handouts such as past exam papers and mock exams are easy to access for all students in the class from any where at any time, as long as there is an internet connection.

Through Schoolbag’s ‘Explore’ section, teachers have access to a large range of Irish exam papers and mock exam papers that can be shared with classes for revision. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Schoolbag to create a revision topic containing past and mock exams and share that topic with a class/es.

To share exam papers with your class:

  • Login to Schoolbag.
  • Click on Resources and Click on the New Topic Line button to create a revision topic line.
  • Select the Explorer section from the top right of the screen.
  • Change the box that says Subject Resources for <Your School’s Name> to Resources for Irish Secondary.
  • Use the subject and keyword search to find past papers and mock exam papers that could be used for your class.
     Type in a course and/or level to help filter for the paper you want.
  • To add a resource to your topic, hover over a resource and click on the + button. If you are using a mobile device, click on the resource to expand the resource preview and touch the + button down the bottom right corner of the resource preview to add the resource to the topic.
  • When you have added all the resources that you would like to include in your topic line, you can share your topic with a class, or classes. To do this, click on the share icon next to the topic line and select a class to share your topic with.

Originally published at on February 22, 2016.

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