Edited by Crystal Thornebrooke

Building a mini-community: Playing as a foundation of learning

Children enjoying the fruit of their imaginations in a Wonder filled home!

The Pyramid Adventure is one of many learning experiences at the School of Wonder that helps children develop social-emotional competence, creativity, and metacognitive skills. Co-created with talented artists from Future Clear Productions and Edventurists, this workshop gives children the mission to design and construct a home for the School of Wonder — similar in scale to a small installation. In a recent workshop, children built a structure resembling a pyramid out of bamboo sticks and other raw materials. Once built, children decorated the home, and then celebrated their collective achievement with music and a cacao ceremony. Throughout the construction process children are given almost total agency to explore their unique ideas as well as encouraged to actualize their vision through collaboration.

The School of Wonder is an educational program for children that emphasizes experience-based learning through curricula co-designed by artists and scientists to foster social emotional competence, curiosity, and creative thinking. Our overarching mission is to contribute to the health of the planet and the connection of humankind, by helping children develop the necessary skills for becoming thoughtful, engaged citizens and leaders in the 21st century. For more information about the School of Wonder please visit our website: http://www.theschoolofwonder.com/