5 Best Educational YouTube Channels to Follow

YouTube videos and tutorials provide a huge scope to learn new things everyday. General audience ranging from Teachers, students, kids, parents prefer YouTube videos for a visual demonstration because it’s fun and easy to perceive. YouTube has lots of channels to subscribe to but we have picked some 5 best educational YouTube channels to follow.


Veritasium is an educational YouTube channel which has interesting demonstrations of science, Physics, and interviews. Vertasium basically is derived from a latin word ‘Veritas’ means ‘Truth’. This channel demonstrates things at a whole new level. Click here to view the channel.


KhanAcademy is the largest source of educational videos on the web and YouTube. This channel mostly concentrates on science and maths and it is available in seven different languages. Click here to view KhanAcademy videos.


TED has top notch speakers from all kinds of departments, across the globe and users will definitely be amazed by it’s diversity of topics.You might end up learning topics that are innovative and not taught at school. Click here to visit TED video channel.


Ted-Ed is an educational channel where teachers from all around the world create educational videos. Organizations like these are striving to educate through interactive lessons on the web. Click here to visit Ted-Ed channel.



BrainStuff is originally deployed by HowStuffWorks team, which basically explains how everything works and details about any thing that comes to your mind. Click here to learn new things from BrainStuff Channel.

Let us know if we are missing any cool educational YouTube channels in the comments below — we are looking for new stuff too.

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