7 Point SchoolTime SaaS Application Security Measures

SaaS Application Security Measures

SchoolTime dedicates a specialised team of security experts, external auditors and ethical hackers to periodically check its application security. The security of the data of Schools and Colleges are considered at Priority 1, and a 7 point SaaS application security measures system designed to specifically ensure its safety and uptime.

  1. Application hosted on hardened Cloud Servers — First level of defaults modified for enhanced security.
  2. Application code written following the The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) best practices standard.
  3. Appropriate Control Measures built into the application. For example, Authentication — Authorisation — Session Management — Input Validation -Error Handling — Logging -Limiting File Upload Types.
  4. Use of Content Delivery Network (CDN) built in security tools to prevent attacks, malware, and unauthorised penetration, hotline prevention, dynamic IP blocking, etc.
  5. Conduct monthly penetration testing to identify new vulnerabilities against SQL Injection, Ajax Testing, File Inclusion and Backup File Check.
  6. Use of SSL (Secured Socket Layer) Certificate to ensure encryption of data in transit.
  7. Enterprise Grade Backup for entire server image, code level backup, and database level backup on remote disaster recovery servers, with quick recovery options for worst case scenarios.

Please feel free to express your concern or ask us more on ST application security.