Education API

The SchoolTime API is one of the friendliest tool to allow educational institutions to integrate their student information system with a host of other best of breed applications.

What is an API?
Abbreviation for application program interface, is a set of routines, protocols, and tools to share pre-defined data between 2 different applications.

This Education API is authenticated using an API key that can be generated by the SchoolTime administrator only. This API key will in a single click start relevant data sharing between connected 3rd party applications.

What kind of applications can make use of SchoolTime API?

Although the limit is only of your imagination, if you have an application in any of these categories, you can tap into the extremely popular SchoolTime customer base and also provide your customers with single click relevant data exchange.

  1. Education Technology Applications like Learning Management Systems, MOOC Content providers, and similar apps can pull student and teacher related information from SchoolTime to provide organised access and authentication inside their app.
  2. Payroll and HRIS Applications can pull staff data from SchoolTime to automatically populate their database and access to their application. Also includes Employee Time Tracking apps, Biometric Systems, project management tools and similar.
  3. Finance and Accounting applications can pull income details as well as dues from SchoolTime. This will help in reduction of overheads as all invoices can be populated into any accounting system from SchoolTime with a single click.

Read the complete API documentation here.

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