Market Potential of Bulk SMS for Educational Industry

This research and estimate is based on Bulk SMS services for Educational Institutions in India alone.

US $1.3 Billion per year

The education industry is increasingly relying on short messaging services- SMS — to communicate with its ecosystem. These constitute Pre K-12 Institutions, Colleges/Universities and Training Centre classes. We all know that the largest consumer of bulk SMS service are Banks, however, the number of banks is far less than the number of educational institutions. This is actually changing the entire business dynamics, at least in India.

On what occasions do educational institution send SMS?

  1. Automatic SMS notification to parents when the student is marked absent in SchoolTime.
  2. Portal login details to students, parents, teachers are sent via SMS to the recipients.
  3. Security enhancement via OTP login in SchoolTime.
  4. Notification about events, holidays and others via the unified communications module of SchoolTime.
  5. Homework and assignment notifications are sent via SMS automatically to students and parents.

On an average, an educational institution sends 200,000 SMS every year. The total number of educational institutions in India are approximately 25,00,000. That results in the industry sending 5,000,000 Lakh SMS every year. Assuming that every SMS is sold at an average price of Rs. 0.18, the market revenue potential is Rs. 900,000 Lakhs.

Reference point Rs. 1 Lakh is equivalent to US$ 1539. The market potential translates to US $1.3 Billion per year, only to grow at a rate of 23% YoY.

So how much is your Bulk SMS business making from the education vertical? Are you focusing your sales efforts to capture this market? How can you reach more educational institutions? How can you give them more value than your competitors? Is your gateway integrated with SchoolTime, the most popular School Management System?

The answers to these questions will help you increase your market share for the education vertical in India.

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