The New Spotify Headquarters Rocks with DJ Decks and Marshall Stack

During my Kanban Coaching education at LeanKanban University, I had the great opportunity to join a class at the brand new Spotify headquarters in Manhattan. The class was taught by Dr. Klaus Leopold, one of the top 5 Kanban Coaches worldwide. The on-site class, the insight into the culture of Spotify and the collaboration with the Spotify staff was an invaluable experience on my way to learn, how the flip from “working environment” to “leisure environment” actually works: The adoption of leisure environment as workplace increase creativity and boost the innovative capabilities.

The impressions below show how that look like at Spotify. The customer growth chart shows how this work for business.

And by the way Kanban itself is a great approach to gaining focus and getting the most out of this potential, which I hardly recommend to every organization. The “Stop Starting, Start Finishing” philosophy is the key to getting things done.