World Innovation Convention Ibiza 2010

World Innovation Convention
Putting consumers into the forefront of the strategy process to drive innovation to new heights.

The World Innovation Convention is probably the most exciting Event on Innovation for 2010 and destined to become a gateway for innovators from across key industries and diversified fields. Passion & vision for innovation is the issue at the amazing venue, Seafront Convention Hall Ibiza. The “Strategic Location” Ibiza itself is renowned as the world’s center of erotic gravitation… Here you find the World Innovation Convention Brochure and here the promotion code for a 20% discount. I am earlier in May in San Francisco at the Web 2.0 Expo, so I unfortunately can’t attend.

Foremost industry experts from European Commission, Virgin Galactic, Coca Cola, Mclaren, Philips, Intel, Basf, Pfizer, P&G and many others are invited to deliver latest insights into how these major brands are streamlining innovation to create products and brands that have a mass appeal for consumers.