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Schwarzman Musings

Celebrating the genius of the Schwarzman Scholars’ Admissions Team

I’ve always wondered how admissions committees at the world’s greatest institutions work; they provide important insights on how to build a team. “Given a limited number of spots and thousands of applicants, how do you select the best combination of students to advance your mission?” can provide answers for “Given a limited number of spots on your executive board, how do you put together the best combination of people to accomplish your goals?”




This series captures my thoughts and reflections from my classes and experiences as a Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University. All ideas represented here are mine and do not reflect opinions of the program.

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Jessie’s Journey

Jessie’s Journey

I’m an EECS MIT ’20 from Accra, Ghana. Here, I share my reflections and learnings based on my experiences.

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