Earn SPICE in Moonswap and ShuttleFlow through Conflux

Recently, SCIFI Finance partnered with Conflux, an organization focused in bringing top-tier DeFi projects to the Asian community of investors through OKex.

SCIFI Finance
Apr 14 · 3 min read

In an effort to propel DeFi development and adoption on a global scale, Conflux brokered a strategic partnership with OKExchain to make it easier for global DeFi projects to enter Asia.

This partnership will enable interoperability between Conflux and OKExChain, a set of open-source public chain projects developed by OKEx, via a token bridge for on-chain assets.

Next Level Liquidity Building

In order to join in the “Liquidity Building” program, participants will deposit funds through Moonswap, a DEX built on the Conflux ecosystem that helps investors and traders execute transactions with near-zero fees.

To build liquidity for these new cross-chain assets, we will be using our ecosystem DEX Moonswap to build deep liquidity and volume for the Cohort members introducing their tokens to new chains.

This will be executed through a new program called “Liquidity Building” in collaboration with the Cohort members and Moonswap DEX. To transfer funds from Ethereum into Conflux, users can adopt ShuttleFlow, a bridge between the two ecosystems.

Details on how to participate in the yield farming campaign will be posted in the coming days by the Moonswap team.

Trading Competition

Spice DAO will provide $1,000 USD in $SPICE as a bonus for the top 6 users with the highest trading volume for that pair. The contest will last for one week in parallel with the active farm. Whichever pair has the highest trading volume over the duration of the contest will also receive a higher weight in farm rewards paid out in $cMOON the following week.

During the competition, the top 3 largest volume traders of SPICE/USDT, are eligible to receive:

  • First Place:$500 in $SPICE
  • Second Place:$250 in $SPICE
  • Third Place:$100 in $SPICE
  • 3 runner-up prizes of $50 in $SPICE

Special ShuttleFlow NFT Airdrop

Conflux has prepared six types of NFTs, and each address may receive up to 1 of each type of NFTs. The NFTs will be tradeable on the MoonSwap NFT market.

Note: All rewards will be issued 3 working days after the event ends.

The projects participating in the liquidity mining and trading competition program will be SpiceDAO, Ramp DeFi, Set Protocol, MTLX, and Autonio

SPICE DAO Official

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