SCIFI Index Report #11

In this weekly report, we will update you about the performance and notable events of the SCIFI index and its constitutes.

SCIFI Finance
Apr 12 · 2 min read


  • Price
    Open: $4.08
    Close: $4.38 (+7.35%)

Open cut off time: 2021–04–05 12:00:00 CET

Close cut off time: 2021–04–12 14:06:56 CET

Constitute performance

Snow: announced a new partnership with Harvest Finance. Users can get the highest APY on stablecoins.

ROOK: KeeperDAO released a brilliant tweetstorm explaining the value of $ROOK and the token ecosystem.

FTT: FTX’s Exchange token went above $50 for the first time. Congratulation to the project and its brilliant achievement!

GRT: The Graph has been incorporated in Avalanche, a blockchain protocol gaining lots of traction.

INJ: Injective Protocol has partnered with Staked in order to bring more institutional adoption to the Equinox platform.

SUSHI: released an excellent thread explaining ho the LP rewards that were locked until March, will be distributed.

YFDAI: the team announced $DEFIT, a project that emerged from the YFDAI Launchpad was trending #1 on DexTools, a widely used DeFi dashboard.

SPICE: announced they’re partnering with Open Defi, in order to build innovative projects that may improve the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem.

DIA: opened the proposal for the DIA Staking program, that offers yields to long term investors.

ALPHA: released more details on the ongoing Alpha Homora liquidity mining.

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