The Darwinian Tourists are Alexandra Viertler and Telma G. Laurentino of the University of Basel.

Every two years, the Salzburger Lab at the University of Basel goes on a field trip to one of the greatest places on earth to study evolution: Africa’s Lake Tanganyika. The evolution researchers Alexandra Viertler and Telma G. Laurentino joined the most recent excursion and transformed their travel journal into a digital comic book.

Art & Editing by Alexandra Viertler (MSc student at the Salzburger Lab, University of Basel); Script, Editing & Assembly by Telma G. Laurentino (PhD student at the Salzburger Lab, University of Basel)

Reading suggestion: The title Darwinian Tourists was inspired by the amazing book The Darwinian tourist: Viewing the World Through Evolutionary Eyes by Christopher Wills

About the authors: As an artist, Alex is always ready to draw any type of animal, be it fantasy or reality! As founder of an integrative multi-sensorial SciComm project, Telma is always looking for fun ways to communicate evolution to everyone! Dared by this article on the LSE Impact Blog, they joined creative forces and now they dare their readers to consider comics as a fun tool for SciComm!

What to know more? Cichlid adaptive radiations; Fish electric organ evolution; Fire and humanity; Dung-beetles; Baobabs in the savanna; Oil extraction perils in Tanganyika; The works of evolution and How can evolution save us!

Who’s this Cichlid?! (solutions)

We Gotta Catch ’Em All, CichlidX!

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