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Useful Resources for Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing & Quantum Information is the promising future of Computer Science. Quantum Computing is making a disruption in areas such as Cryptography, Machine Learning, and NP-Hard Algorithms. In this blog post, I share a collection of useful resources to help fellow learners and scholars kick-started into the Quantum Era.


  1. Online Courses

Text Books

  1. Quantum Computation and Quantum Information by Michael A. Nielsen, Isaac L. Chuang [ Amazon ]
  2. Quantum Computing: From Linear Algebra to Physical Realizations by Mikio Nakahara, Tetsuo Ohmi [ Amazon ]
  3. Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction by N. David Mermin [ Amazon ]
  4. Quantum Machine Learning by Peter Wittek [Link]


Research Papers

  1. M. Grassl, M. R.
    Leveraging automorphisms of quantum codes for fault-tolerant quantum computation
    Proceedings of the 2013 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT’13), Istanbul, Turkey, 2013, 534–538 [ BibTex ]

JabRef Research Papers BibTeX [Link]

Mendeley Research Papers BibTex [Link]


  1. Leo Kouwenhoven [Google Scholar]
  2. Zhang Jiang [Google Scholar]


  1. CNET — Microsoft explains quantum computing so even you can understand
  2. Can we make Quantum Technology? — An interview with Leo Kouwenhoven [Link]
  3. Quantum computers ready to leap out of the lab in 2017 [Link]
  4. Inside Microsoft’s quest for a topological quantum computer [Link]


  1. MIT Video — Quantum Information
  2. Quantum Annealing: Quantum Computing for Combinatorial Optimization problems [Link]

Research Labs

Research Groups

  1. Microsoft — Quantum Architectures and Computation Group (QuArC)
  2. Quantum Transport Group — Leo Kouwenhoven [Link]




Digital Image Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Computer Vision

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