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Women in the Crypto/Blockchain Industry

The Women at SCI Ventures Lead The Charge

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology aims for a decentralized state; to distribute control from the controlling few to the dis-empowered. Who better to be part of such a cause than those who have through history, across cultures, across class, across nations have fought and continue to fight for empowerment?

As we wrap up Women’s Month, the team at SCI Ventures Inc. is proud to share that our team is made up of some of the brightest and best women in the industry today.

Recent studies have shown that blockchain or cryptocurrency startups and the industry in general is dominated by men, by up to 97% in some cases. Here at SCI Ventures, the Philippines premiere Blockchain services provider, that’s not the case. Our team of almost 50 bright minds is almost 40% women, with the number reaching higher than 50% at one point.

Led by our Chief Business Development Officer Erica Valerio, who was actually the first person to join SCI in 2014, the women of SCI are the backbone of our operations and finance departments, play vital roles in customer service, and form part of the software development team as well. Their tireless work ethic makes the SCI Makati HQ and SCI Davao HQ a bright and excellent place in which to work.

We are proud to be an outlier in this industry when it comes to having women as a major part of our workforce. As we grow our company and team, we look forward to allowing more women to play big roles in the growth of SCI and share in its future success.

Happy Women’s Month!

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