Summary of the SciDex AMA

Oct 31, 2018 · 5 min read

Thank you, everyone, for participating in the SciDex AMA🚀🚀🚀

We’ve received many great questions all over the world. We couldn’t thank you more for the enormous support and all the kind words!
As promised, we are featuring 3 questions from the prior submission form and another 10 during the AMA. The contributors of the 13 questions will receive 50 SDX each.
Here are the top 13 questions from the SciDex AMA 🔥🔥🔥

1. Asked by Ali

What are the next steps?


Releasing our product, reaching 10,000 deployed contracts, releasing more oracles as well — more complex and vertical focused ones, supporting more tokens on our smart contracts — it’s a long road ahead but it’s a very exciting one!

2. Asked by Roopanzhe

What is scidex doing regarding smart contract adoption and how is it making data sharing easier?


We are not focused on data sharing anymore but mainly the adoption of smart contracts in general. Our first and main product enables anyone to generate a smart contract with another party in a few clicks! It will be released very soon and, as our marketing manager likes to say, even your grandma can generate a smart contract with it.

3. Asked by radowatch

What benefits will SciDex bring to the world and how useful is it? Is there any real benefit in it that facilitates some life processes?


Our product is focused on evangelizing smart contracts and making sure any business can use them for transactions.

4. Asked by Cristian

Is your focus to create smart contracts for b2b purposes or will regular consumer be able to create and use your smart contracts?


Our first product (coming out very soon!) is focused on enabling people to create smart contracts in a few clicks — although it is more focused on b2b and freelancers to start with. You will also be able to create smart contracts with your peers!

5. Asked by DavidKachaluba

Will there be a master node and node?


At the first stage, we won’t implement any Masternodes. We’ll stay with the Ethereum hierarchy as it fits our needs.

6. Asked by Milos

Why name SciDex?


Mainly because of Pokedex — we want to catch them all! On a more serious note, we started as a scientific data exchange, as a group of scientist and engineers. Although we decided to focus on smart contracts instead, we stuck to the name because we love it.

7. Asked by Faunk

What is the main reason SciDex decided to focus on RASC (Richardian Adaptive Smart Contracts) instead of the scientific data exchange?


Great question! On top of building the protocol itself, our focus has always been facilitating the exchange of data and data contracts. But after talking to big companies in the data space, we realized that the time for the adoption would be too long. We also realized that currently, people were using smart contracts only for ICO and token generations — when it can be a lot more than that. More exciting news coming soon!

8. Asked by varakorn pattarapornpisit

What is the ultimate goal?


To enable anyone in the world to transact with each other without fear.

9. Asked by Stéph

Hi there! And good luck with your project! Will you host a blockchain/crypto meetup at your office anytime?

We have a couple of meet-ups lined up. One in Vietnam in mid-November, and another on in New York around early December!

10. Asked by Olga

In which way are SciDex RASC contracts better than regular smart contracts?

They are basically regular smart contracts with two strong additions:

1. They’re readable by humans— that makes them legally binding and e.g. valid in courts.

2. They’re adaptive — meaning one can generate one complex contract and use it in multiple transactions, sell multiple items or offer services to multiple clients.

11. Asked by lance/

What do you think of the Blockchain industry in terms of technological developments so far ?

Although we love Dapps (one of our co-founders, Alex Bouaziz, has built for fun in the past) we believe that the infrastructure side of the tech needs to be developed further, therefor that’s our focus. There are some other great projects that are more focused on infrastructures such our partners Origin protocol and Hashgraph Hedera.

12. Asked by lance/

What effect will SciDex have on the blockchain technology in general?


We’re mainly focused on evangelizing smart contracts, making sure any business or freelancer can set up a smart contract with their customer in 3 clicks — with powerful oracles validating each contract when the conditions are met.

13. Asked by Jasonam

Scidex is intended to unlock or generate smart contract for businesses. This invariably means that they will run their own chain (please correct me if I’m wrong). My first question is, considering the fact that the public blockchain has the problem of security and trust which scare away companies, and the private blockchain has the problem of scalability, which delays transaction, How does Scidex plan to solve this problem, and what type of chain(s) do they intend to run?
Secondly, does Scidex plan to run an open source or not? If yes, how do they plan to achieve it?
Thirdly, what type of interface are they putting up that will serve as a connector between the programmer, vendor’s and the marketplace.
Lastly, what is going to be the relationship of Scidex to side-chains and sub-chains?


1. We are planning on running on existing blockchain as an additional layer, instead of our own chain. We’re not sure that it’s the problem of security and trust that scares companies away as it might be also simply a technical gap. If we build a simple tool to fill this gap, more companies will use it.
2. We love open source projects! We’re planning on the oracle opensource where people could contribute with their own oracles. Hopefully, there a large pool of oracles will be born.
4. The interface will be mostly UI and some other input fields. We hope to make this as simple as possible for the users.

Do you have more questions? Connect and talk to us!

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Unlocking Smart Contracts For Businesses


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Unlocking Smart Contracts For Businesses



Unlocking Smart Contracts For Businesses

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