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Decentralized Finance: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on the Internet Computer

Duke CS+ and SciEcon Symposium Documentary

Watch the symposium documentary on SciEcon YouTube channel:

Disclaimer: This documentary is an extension of the Duke CS+ Project Summer 2021 entitled “Decentralized Finance: Blockchain and Cryptocurrency on the Internet Computer.”

Inspired by Prof. Campbell Harvey’s initiatives in DeFi, we are developing research-oriented DeFi Applications on the Internet Computer. The project lead is Prof. Luyao Zhang, Senior Research Scientist at Data Science Research Center and Assistant Professor of Economics at Duke Kunshan University. The co-leads include Prof. Kartik Nayak and Prof. Fan Zhang, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Duke University and industry pioneer Prof. Yulin Liu, the Partner and Head of Research at Bochsler Finance and Chief Economists for several DeFi projects. The research team includes graduate mentor Derrick Adam, a master’s student from the Economics and Computer Science program, and undergraduate researchers Dylan Paul, Malika Rawal, Oum Lahade, and Urjit Banerjee at Duke University. The undergraduate researchers have a diverse background in computer science, finance, electrical & computer engineering, mathematics, etc.

Our team embodies the spirits of diversity and inclusion in research, innovation, and leadership. We collaborate across genders, nationalities, disciplines, industries, institutions, time zones, and much more.

We acknowledge Prof. Brandon Fain, Prof. Robert Calderbank, and Prof. Jun Yang for their initial organization that made this project possible. We are also grateful for the support from DFINITY. Besides Xinyu Tian and Zesen Zhuang served as Co-host and MC of the symposium, and many students from Duke Kunshan University volunteered to support this event for a great cause.

The following posters are generously designed by Yixuan (Austen) Li, the Creative Director at SciEcon.

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WaterPark: A Decentralized Borrowing Protocol for the Internet Computer

Team: Dylan Paul and Malika Rawal

The AMA Interview for Duke CS+ Project Waterpark team

Waterpark GitHub Repository

Prototype Demonstration Video on Wapwire

ICy: A Decentralized Lending Protocol on the Internet Computer

Team: Dylan Paul and Malika Rawal

The AMA Interview for Duke CS+ Project ICy team

ICy GitHub Repository

Prototype Demonstration Video on Wapwire

Towards Decentralized Protocols: Call for Collaborations

The AMA Interview for Graduate Mentor: Derrick Adam

Insights on consensus in the presence of synchrony

The AMA Interview for Prof. Kartik Nayak

On Ethereum: Yin and Yang

SciEcon Debate Initiated by Prof. Luyao Zhang and the AMA Interview for Prof. Yulin Liu on Internet Computer vs Ethereum with debaters from Duke Kunshan University and Duke University.



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