Are the new Antivirals a COVID Pandemic Game Changer?

There has been the announcement of two new highly effective antiviral drugs that have been designed to treat COVID. The arrival of these brings real hope that we can finally get on top of COVID.

Up until now, the best strategy for most was prevention. That includes social distancing, mask-wearing, and of course the vaccine. All these together are effective tools that help…




In the post-truth age, we are awash with many dubious claims; gods, ghosts, aliens, conspiracies, and other mysterious things. Here we strive to work out what is really true and what is sincerly belived but is just a myth.

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“It was so warm yesterday she said. Sixty degrees. I laid down by the river and fell asleep.”

Tincture Takeaways

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David Gamble

David Gamble

Blogger and writer with a keen interest is science, skepticism, critical thinking, and many other weird and whacky topics.

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