Global Warming may reach 1.5°C in next 5 years — How Big a Moment is this?

Back in 2015, yes it has already been seven years, the famous Paris Agreement was adopted. The goal then was that keep the rise in mean global temperature to well below 2 °C and to limit the increase to 1.5 °C.

Here we are now in 2022 and on course to potentially breach that limit.




In the post-truth age, we are awash with many dubious claims; gods, ghosts, aliens, conspiracies, and other mysterious things. Here we strive to work out what is really true and what is sincerly belived but is just a myth.

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David Gamble

David Gamble

Blogger and writer with a keen interest is science, skepticism, critical thinking, and many other weird and whacky topics.

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