“A Princess’s Plan to Bring Light to the 620 Million Africans Without Power”

“something of a solar power revolution is afoot in Africa, triggering a wave of innovation from solar energy entrepreneurs. One of them is a princess descended from an ancient Mossi warrior, who stresses that the best way to combat this problem is by empowering the people to educate and help themselves.”

I’m a little tired of how all the people in need on the continent of Africa are lumped together, and lumped exclusively — like, is this woman really going to fix the energy problems of ALL 620 million people? And if she was gonna manage that, then why not all the people all over the world who don’t have access to energy? I dunno…

Anyway, makes me happy to see a story that isn’t a white savior with an unlikely magic solution that we never, ever hear about again (like, I was recently listening to a story about how much of a disaster play pumps ended up being — remember those?)

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