“Be Careful What You Google”

“Here’s the thing, though: Google image searches don’t just reflect the sad state of diversity in corporate leadership; they actually influence the ways in which people think about what it means to be a CEO. That’s according to researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Maryland, who determined that Google images measurably sway a person’s opinion about how many men and women work in a particular field — compared with what that person thought before conducting the search…
All this raises a question about what a search-engine algorithm ought to do. Should it challenge reality, or simply reflect it? People tend to think about the act of googling something as clinical, technological — decidedly not human. But search engines are designed by humans who have diverse value systems and distinct ways of categorizing their understanding of the world.”

The joke at the top of this article is perfect.

Also, WHAT, a tool created by mostly-white mostly-men fails to present a purely rational viewpoint on the world? If white men can’t be rational, what are they good for? Isn’t that why we have them?

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