“Researchers need recognition for team science”

““We don’t want individuals participating in the really exciting bits of research to be lost to science because they are seen as ‘just another person on the team’ which means their careers are not progressing.”
To encourage scientists to take part in collaborative research, the Working Group behind the report recommends several ways to improve how contributions to team science are recognised and rewarded so that they are not disadvantaged compared to the single Principal Investigator standard.In response to one of the fundamental issues — how to record an individual’s contributions — the report suggests researchers, funders and publishers adopt ORCID as the standard identifier for researchers.Other recommendations touch on the need for more flexible funding schemes, as team science projects have different needs, such as travel and training, and often need longer timescales to produce their results…“There is a need for a structured and uniform way to record information on contributions, a system to record this information needs to be developed and phased in, and it needs to be consistently used by researchers, employers and funders.””
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