“RNA Spray Could Make GMOs Obsolete”

“Instead of modifying the crop’s genes, they’ve sprayed RNA that shuts down a gene the insects need to survive directly onto the crops. When the beetles eat the plant, the ingested RNA will eventually cause them to die through inhibiting the necessary gene…
These sprays can be created and applied quickly, providing protection if the plants are infested by a never-before-seen virus or insect. They could even be used to endow plants with advantageous, temporary traits. For example, farmers could spray RNAis that bestow corn plants with drought-resistance, saving a harvest during hot, dry weather.”

This is super cool.

GMO concerns are typically based on a combination of over-covered bad science and over-generalized concerned about Monsanto, that has been exacerbated by poor science communication on the topic. So, I would be curious about the response that people have to this RNA spray, which I actually seems like a more ideal technology if it can be made cheaply and quickly.

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