“Will LiFi Take Big Data And The Internet Of Things To A New Level?”

“LiFi is a category of Visible Light Communication; an LED light flickers at speeds undetectable to the naked eye to transmit data — a bit like high tech morse code. In fact, scientists have demonstrated in a lab that they can transmit information at as much as 224 gigabits per second, the equivalent of 18 movies of 1.5 GB each being downloaded every single second.
In an office setting, they were able to achieve speeds up to 100 times faster than average WiFi speeds…
There are, of course, drawbacks. In very bright daylight, the receivers wouldn’t be able to distinguish the signal, and unlike WiFi, LiFi signal cannot pass through walls. Of course, these limitations could be overcome with technologies like smart architecture where the light follows the user around the space. Algorithyms will determine our lighting and access to data more and more…
As the market for IoT devices grows and sensors are added to more and more things and places, faster and heavier data transmission will be required. Our current infrastructure simply cannot handle the quantity of data that will need to be transmitted if the IoT continues to grow at predicted rates.”

Some tech-utopianism here, but still cool. This feels more like a supplement than a replacement.

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