“Wrapping it up in a person: Examining employment and earnings outcomes for Ph.D. recipients”

“This work takes a first step toward describing the links between research funding and the economy by tracing the flows of doctoral recipients employed by research grants subsequent to their separation from the university that employed them. The analysis shows that many doctoral recipients who were employed by funded research projects moved into the nonacademic sector and that, when they do, they disproportionately get jobs at establishments with high payroll per worker and in high-tech and professional service industries. Although the results are descriptive and not causal, the findings are consistent with sociological research regarding knowledge flows. A major way in which knowledge is transmitted from research institutions to the economic marketplace is through the placement of people at businesses that draw on that knowledge (10).”

Also, apparently all the life scientists are stuck in post docs.

Which we already knew, but this reinforces it.

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