A History of Everything

Out of nothing came the world,

Space-time and particles and heat and force,

Chaos to start.

Father Reality grew defined with age.

Particles wed,

Banged and congealed,

Swirling matter brewed in cosmic storms,

The Universe came ablaze with round, fiery Titans.

Eight or ten billion years on,

One Titan sheltered a molten rock,

The third of its nine patrons,

A magical cocoon.

In that cocoon, chemistry catalyzed itself,

Replicating and replicating.

Strands of knowledge,

Forged by Darwin’s hammer,

Arming and armoring,

Complexity begets complexity,

Chemicals evolve cells evolve beasts evolve apes.

Bald, skinny apes are the first of their kind,

From bloody and grassy Nature but not of it.

What to do, these gods in suits?

They are confined only by nature’s laws, and they are liberal.

Wizards among cattle,

Stone became spear and din became den,

Hunter became settler and settler became thinker,

Laws and theorems and principles and explanations,

Clay huts and stone towns and brick cities and metal civilizations.

The wizards may come to understand Reality himself,

And so determine their Father’s fate.



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Logan Chipkin

Logan Chipkin


Writer for Quillette, Areo, Physics World, and others| Science, history, philosophy, and economics | @ChipkinLogan www.loganchipkin.com