How I Won my First Hackathon

From Founding to Winning: Tips and Tricks I Think Helped

Shivani Gandhi
Science For Life


For those that don’t know, during my undergraduate experience, I was heavily involved in campus organizations, particularly for women in stem initiatives, and that is exactly what led to me being on the founding team of UTD’s first ever all female, non-binary uniting hackathon, WEHack!


With the first iteration being virtual in 2020, the hackathon has grown tremendously over the years. However, despite being on the founding team and helping to organize all of the logistics for this hackathon, I had still never participated in one, at least in terms of “hacking” and submitting a project….I was always there for the food and swag :).

That all changed for WEHack 2022 where I won my first hackathon.

Keep reading for some of the tips and techniques that I think helped along the way.

Disclaimer: Following these tips does not guarantee a win, it only guarantees a rewarding experience :)

Be Prepared