The learning conundrum: How to measure and reform children’s education in India?

A commentary piece written by our founder, Vyjayanthi Sankar for Reuters

The world we inhabit today is rapidly changing in different ways, and shedding old ways of doing things. It has become necessary to equip our future generation with learning and skills that will not just help them survive but also face the challenges of the knowledge century with rigour.

Often pegged as the next superpower, India will have to be ready with a workforce that is able to think outside of the box. It will not be enough that individuals are good at their chosen vocation, but they have to be able to think, reason, and innovate.

As a society, all of us also need to shift the focus from “marks” to actual learning. We have to understand that an integral part of learning is the ability to not just recall a concept but also understand and apply it in our day-to-day lives. Unless we do this, we cannot say that our children are getting quality education.

But is our education system equipped to groom such individuals? Probably not. Click here to read the full commentary on

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