There are a lot of conversations on media trust — here’s why this one is a bit different

We’re diving deep into what social science scholarship tells us about the reasons behind trust-eroding behavior so we can adapt rather than expect the communities we serve to change for us.

CUNY’s Carrie Brown chats with JSK Fellow Andre Natta, UF’s Spiro Kiousis, MIT’s David Karger and UF’s April Hines during a conversation on trust convened at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications in June 2018. (photos by Ryan Jones)

Our first step: Gather the smart people we know

Tracie Powell, a Democracy Fund fellow, shares an insight during the second-day kickoff.
Jenny Choi, of the News Integrity Initiative, chats with W3's Sandro Hawke and The Washington Post’s Brittany Mayes.

A Living Lit Review

Our early attempt at finding recurring themes that emerged during the small group discussions from this slide to kick off the second day of discussions in June.



What Science and Research Tells Us About Why Stories Work

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Matt Sheehan

Managing director @RealGoodCenter & senior lecturer @UFJSchool. Stints @washingtonpost @merrillcollege, COO at a DC media startup + evolving #pubmedia news.