Humans not invited. Not just yet.

We’ve been galactically black listed.

I have a confession. I believe, or want to believe in UFOs. Well, I have seen a UFO. So, by definition I’ve seen unidentified flying — somethings. I “believe” in them. I’ve not actually seen an ET but I believe in science. I know it’s possible they do exist. I also know that sticking to any particular dogma is not the way to live a truly examined life. So, I cruise the UFO sites to. The weirder the better. is one check out frequently. Today this article appeared. Apparently, we are running out of plutonium 238. We “need” it on deep space missions for power. It makes the best battery in the world, but, as you might imagine, it’s really costly, nasty and toxic stuff. It is plutonium. The waste from nuclear power plants, to simplify, highly radioactive. Nothing you’d want left open on the kitchen counter for the cat to get into, poor thing.

The repercussions of manufacturing, transporting and storing it are not worth the exploration any more.

Yes, not worth knowing something new about the universe. There. I said it. This is one of many lines we now cross in the name of “exploration.”

Just because we can do something does not mean we should.

Know what? I’m going to say that two more times as no one seems to really let that sink in anymore.

Just because we can do something does not mean we should.

Just because we can do something does not mean we should.

And, fuck it, once more.

Just because we can do something does not mean we should.

So, here’s my point. They are close to taking pics of a planet around another star anyway. Probably take it with a local satellite that will run just fine on solar power. Maybe we don’t even need to leave Earth’s orbit at all to explore? What will be the outcome and final expense of making more of this toxic junk if we chose to do so?

And, seeing as I’ve tipped my hand for believing in UFOs and probably ETs, might we already have some answers that NASA and pals are just not telling us?

Frankly, let Elon and his pals spend their own cash for a while. The bottom line is still the bottom line. It’s only Elon and his 1% investors that will have the resources to get off this rock in an emergency or for fun. Until we start taxing the rich to extort out of them what they have from us since the beginning of money, use it to pay for much needed social services and common infrastructure, let the rich chase the stars on their own.

Without higher taxes curbing this kind of frivolous luxurious Trump like consumption, their Elysium is in our future. They will literally be above us all. A space castle and country club in the sky. Trump will finally get the best wall ever, the vacuum of outer space.

So, I ask you again, why the Hell should my taxes go to “exploration” that has little more apparent intent than a global life raft for the elite? Maybe this has always has been?

I can’t believe I’ve reached this point of cynicism toward NASA and science in general, but corporate monied interests have corrupted it all.

From Monsanto to the moon, we’ve let them use our collective knowledge and intelligence like a kid with a flame thrower. It’s not about what’s best for The People at all. I can’t believe I’m saying all this but this is where we are now. I grew up on Carl Sagan and Star Trek! I guess I’ve just woke up to the truth of paid off scientific interests and why they are now desperately looking for new worlds and even landing on asteroids. It’s as predictable as anything. Capitalistic exploitation.

A continuation of this hierarchical “consumer” society that has no business corrupting the rest of the universe in our current state of physical, mental and, most importantly, spiritual evolution.

Collectively, we are the Borg all ready. A virus if we leave now. And again, I believe that ET is out there. Taking that as a fact for a moment, all this is probably the reason they have not made themselves known. We suck! Totally.

We have yet to be invited to join the larger galactic celebration. Why? Would you invite us? They probably surmise we’ll be picking fights and clearing out the buffet within the first five minutes.

We totally would. Particularly if it’s the most psychopathic and ambitious among us that become the first “pioneers” i.e. Elon and his other short list would be space farers.

Quick history lesson. Name one “pioneer” that had any respect whatsoever for what they found pioneering. No mater who had claim to it before, might makes right. Take it all anyway. If you can get away with it.

Like the children and bullies we are, we’re being told stay in our room. Clean it up and don’t even think of coming out until we start acting like compassionate cosmic minded adults. “Mind your manners and start learning to share, my little viruses. There is plenty for everyone where you all ready spawn. Learn what an intelligent species in balance with its technology and environment looks like first. Then you can join us in an adventure you can not even conceive.”

I want this for humanity. But not this humanity. Not now. Not yet. We are not ready. We have yet to learn how to play nice on the playground.

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