I am a light warrior because I have to be.

Stepping in and out of the light.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been writing. Just not publishing. My stuff has been utter shit. I can’t focus. Trump, injustice, and my personal powerlessness to do anything about he and his is all I think about. I need a hobby. Maybe even go get a “job” to take my mind off this utter and complete bull shit we call “the system” anymore. Nah. Fuck that. My job is this. Paycheck or not. Purpose is irrelevant. As fleeting and meaningless as a progressive thought through Bannon’s brain. These are the thoughts I now grapple with. The result has been pure garbage creatively.

I was reminded about remote viewing the other day. It seems simple enough. Just use your imagination. First consider a space you know well. Think of the objects in there. Focus on one of them. Imagine and see as much detail as you can. Color, shape, size, smell, texture, even taste. Now bring that object to a new and unexplored space in your mind.

I’m trying to see what’s going on inside the Oval Office and The White House. I know the government does this, remote viewing. I believe in it. I do it also to see if they have anyone actively protecting the president psychically. So far I’ve not felt anything in the way to getting to him.

Anyone else out there attempting this? Let’s coordinate. Everyday at 8am EST, let’s all “meet” at the Oval Office. See if we can do some psychic good for The People. Even if he’s not in there, the effect is still felt by focusing on him.

He may now be the most powerful man in the “free world” but he has a very weak mind, the thinnest skin. For veteran disciplined psychics, getting to him should really not be that difficult. This is not me though. I’m a novice and not disciplined at all. Seeing, though, that The People are not storming DC to instill serious fear into our “representatives,” it’s time to up the psychic ante. Time to storm some psychic castles by any means necessary. I’m in.

I want to be a light worker but I know that is not always my nature. I know that I work both sides. My lightsaber is purple. I just discovered that I am actually a light warrior. I now realize I have always been.

“Bad Mother Fucker” engraved in the hilt, certainly.

Yin and yang. Light and dark. Each have some of both in them. The nature of everything is duplicity. I have no problem going a little dark to fight dark. When you choose “the middle way” in life and life itself swings wildly to one side, the middle changes too. This is why monks self immolate in protest with the calm and composure of a frozen mountain lake. They burst into flames and become a pile of ashes without uttering even a single sound.

I may be bastardizing this beautiful philosophy but we are reaching the point of a moral imperative either way. Things are so dark now though, I wonder if I can pull myslef back if I tread too far to that side. I feel it sweeping the entire planet. I do not believe we can rise above it anymore. It is consuming everything. It is The Nothing from “The Neverending Story.” It will take great and concentrated imagination to destroy it.

No one thought for a minute Hitler would “wake up.” We need to fight this darkness. Absorb it. Cancel it out. Channel it away from here. Send it back to wherever it comes. Confront it in ways we’ve never done before.

Magic has a price but life is short. I must know what that son of a bitch is really up to and try to stop him. Don’t you? Knowing now that our system of checks and balances has gone off the rails, I’m going to show up in both meta and physical from now on.

We need to get into his head in a way Twitter never will. His mind is so full of nothing but himself he will not even notice us in there until it’s too late. Like all inflated egos, all he needs is more sunshine blown up his ass to get him to do whatever you want. Praise him in your attempts to access his mind. Deceive him into seeing you as a believer in him. Kiss his psychic ass until he lowers his defences. Once in, start throwing some karma wrenches.

Think about the death and dying he’s causing. The drone attacks. The orphans he makes now turning into suicide bombers. The families torn apart by his immigration policies. The millions of people dependant on ACA now afraid of dying by the swipe of his pen. The People at Standing Rock fighting corporate oppression and environmental collapse. His fucking unknown taxes! Give it all face he knows. Put his face on it until it makes him physically sick enough to concede toward compassion and progress again. Put his wife and children on the face of it until he realizes he’s responsible for all our lives. Not just he and his anymore.

When Reagan watched “The Day After” it changed him. He saw what the apocalypse would look like. It scared the shit out him enough to start disarmament talks with Russia. We do not have that luxury today. Trump would only use such an epiphany to justify further consideration of our first strike capability. No. “the media” will not change him. He controls the media still, they just do not see it. The only way to get him is to get into his mind the way we have never tried. One synapse at a time controlled by an armada of new light warriors.

In case you think all this is impossible, chew on this. I put this in my science publication for a good reason. Just because a phenomenon is not understood does not mean it does not exist. Did you know they are still not really sure how antidepressants work? Nevertheless, people willingly chew them up like candy hoping for relief. Just one of the many mysteries of science that people blindly accept even to the point of risking their lives. Why not accept this today? It will do you no harm to do so. You may even make a discovery about yourself you never thought possible. You can use your mind to shape the world directly. Trump believes this. So should we! It’s hard to argue with results.

Working together as coordinated light warriors, we can wreck this regime in ways it will never be able to defend against. A single mind as feeble as his against millions is a battle we will win. Once we get him, we move on to the rest of his fear mongering cabinet and anyone else who needs adjustment back into the light. We will make them see who they work for, We The People. We will be in their heads until they either wake up or destroy themselves with their own hate.

Hope to see you at “the office” tomorrow at 8am. I’m stealing his pens. Sorry, that’s not right to say. I meant crayons.

UPDATE: See comments below for my experiences doing this so far. I’m logging it daily soon after 8am. I’m hoping to see your results too and see if we have anything in common! Thanks.

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